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Rich and Infamous

In Episode S02E08, Joe wins big on the lottery. Picks up a fat wad of prime time benjamins. Gets his hands on some fresh dough. Is rolling in the moolah. Piling up stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks. IT'S ABOUT MONEY PEOPLE!!!!

Schools Out

Episode S02E07 of The Ferals features the gang learning to read, Robbie becoming a meganekko, Joe failing at rudimentary literacy and Lenny improving his patented perv-cam technology. Oh, and a brilliant cameo by The Weakest Link's Cornelia Francis. That certainly came out of nowhere.

Lets Get Physical

In Episode S02E06 of The Ferals, Lenny defies gravity with an iron, Modligiana gets a rocket up the bum and Joe attempts to get physical with everyone while wearing some very short shorts. Nothing left to the imagination here, folks.