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Ratty Ratty Bang Bang

Episode S02E11, Rattus swallows a bomb and is forced by the gang to either vomit or crap it out to survive. Oh, and Derryn buries everyone alive. This, that and more - in this AFI award-winning episode!

Mixy Mania

Episode S02E10 of The Ferals details the rise of Mixymania! Mixy becomes a rapper, while Joe becomes her obsessive manager and recruits Keith and fake Kylie as her backup dancers. And Rattus? He jokes about blending rabbits.

Feral TV

Episode S02E09 of The Ferals features the launch of Ferals TV, Robbie learning the sax and Lenny threatening to rub animals together to create electricity, all the while screaming "I'm going to have to science the shit out of this!"