Four Ferals and A Wedding

Ahhh… weddings. Everybody loves weddings. Or at least the guests sculling all the free alcohol do. So with that in mind, there’s no better time to talk about another relevant subject that is very important, my friends.

Laser Tag.

For far too long, the dangers of Laser Tag have been concealed to the general public. But I’m here to uncover the truth and lay this barbaric excuse for a sport out for all to see! A few weeks ago, I witnessed - first hand - the horrors and terrible repercussions of this dreadful pastime. Psychotic breakdowns, ear drum-piercing screams, fits of involuntary rave dancing, career-ending cramps - and crippling broken backs.

No sport is worth a trip to the Emergency Ward.

Laser Tag - don’t do it.

Episode S02E12 features a wedding; Joe’s getting hitched, Lenny is the best man and Keith is the marriage celebrant. It’s a joyous and gummy-filled time for all!

Listen as Monkey Boy, Swinny & Mike delve into the bizarre, violent – and at times, frankly disturbing world of Australian children’s TV show, The Ferals!

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