Ratty Ratty Bang Bang

As we creep closer to the end of The Ferals, it’s beginning to really dawn on me…

It’s almost over.

What the hell am I going to do when the show ends? How will I ever survive without my weekly fix of Rattus P. Rattus, Joe King and the crew? WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE SWINNY!?!?

There’s only one solution when we hit Episode 30.

Do it all again… The Ferals marathon, bitches!

In Episode S02E11, Rattus swallows a bomb and is forced by the gang to either vomit or crap it out to survive. Oh, and Derryn buries everyone alive. This, that and more - in this AFI award-winning episode!

Join Monkey Boy, Swinny, and Mike as they delve into the bizarre, violent – and at times, frankly disturbing world of Australian children’s TV show, The Ferals!

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  • Monkey Boy: 9/10

  • Swinny: 6/10

  • Mike: 3/10