Mixy Mania

I just came up with the most awesome idea EVER. I mean - the best possible idea one could possibly ever come up with.

…a Hollywood action-blockbuster interpretation of The Ferals - with all the animals played by actual actors - directed by Michael Bay!

Rattus would be played by Tom Cruise, naturally. Modigliana would be played by Megan Fox (because Michael Bay). Scarlett Johansson would be Mixy and the part of Derryn would be played by Kelsey Grammar. He was in Transformers once, I think.

Keith & Kylie? CGI robots. Because robots are bloody awesome.

Episode S02E10 of The Ferals details the rise of Mixymania! Mixy becomes a rapper, while Joe becomes her obsessive manager and recruits Keith and fake Kylie as her backup dancers. And Rattus? He jokes about blending rabbits.

Rattus. Rattus never changes.

Listen as Monkey Boy, Swinny & Mike delve into the bizarre, violent – and at times, frankly disturbing world of Australian children’s TV show, The Ferals!

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  • Monkey Boy: 5/10

  • Swinny: 8/10

  • Mike: legit 6/10